Starting on special square

Hi, during some of the tests I’ve been conducting I noticed that if you start on a special square (mud, powerups) your turn counts as having passed over them. So you get affected twice by said square, is this intended? In my mind it shouldnt work like this

For reference my bot currently on a mud_tile on round 12. I issue a NOTHING command so speed should remain at 8, however do to the “bug” it drops

player: id:1 position: y:1 x:103 speed:8 state:HIT_MUD boosting:false boost-counter:0 powerups: OIL:2
opponent: id:2 position: y:2 x:84 speed:8


player: id:1 position: y:1 x:111 speed:6 state:HIT_MUD boosting:false boost-counter:0 powerups: OIL:3
opponent: id:2 position: y:2 x:93 speed:8


Hi @StevieNash,

I have sent your question to the team and will respond as soon as I have feedback.

@StevieNash, are you running with the latest code?
I think this was fixed in ver 2020.1.4?

Hi @kuifie, yeah im running the latest now and it is fixed :slight_smile: