State.json missing fields

It seems that the following is in game-config.json but not in state.json: healthPackHp, pushbackDamage, maxDoNothings, scores. I think the healthPackHp and scoring parameters would be useful for the bot to know.

It would be convenient if the power-up positions are given separately from the map in state.json (similar to how the worms are indicated on the map and separately).

Hi @Leon

In the state.json you will see some cells like this:

        "x": 14,
        "y": 15,
        "type": "AIR",
        "powerup": {
          "type": "HEALTH_PACK",
          "value": 10

The value property determines how strong this powerup is (in this case, it provides 10hp).

You have a good idea though, about making this info easier to access for the bot :smile: