Submission: Build is Extremely Slow

Hi all,

Submitted my bot at 8:30. I’m still waiting for the build to finish.
It doesn’t take this long locally.
Please can someone take a look at the build servers?
I’m concerned that I wont have enough time to address any feedback should there be a problem with my bot when it hits your servers.

I also had temporary issues on my end, but they seemed to have cleared up. Now its just wait and see what comes.

Hoping that the playoffs go well, and that the things I think I improved did not weaken my overall tactics.

Quite tired now. Wrote a lot this week.

Good Luck.

I gave up at midnight. Very disappointed and tired. I would have liked the opportunity to at least see whether everything ran fine after submitting :confused:

As of this morning it’s still “building” :’(

Clearly there’s something wrong with the server.

@entelect people: I’d be willing to build it locally in the container and send you the binary if needs be. I don’t want my efforts to go to waste.

Curiously, there are URLs on the buttons for the build and the match logs. The buttons aren’t clickable but you can still get at the url on the dom. Trying to navigate to them results in an error (from Azure I presume?) saying that it can’t find the file for this user.

@entelect admins: please can you respond. I see that the tournament already started and my bot, which was submitted on time, has still not finished building. I can only assume that the bot which is playing is the bot which I submitted last round (which barely even played the game!). I reported this problem last night and I’ve followed up here a number of times. This is very frustrating!

@Edwin @Privolin @Renette guys?
Please could you look at the problems which I’ve been facing with your build server.
This is really frustrating!

Hi @Quiescent

We will check this build when we verify the matches. If there was an issue on our side that caused the failure to build we will rerun your matches with that submission.

Hi @Renette.

Thanks for taking a look at the problem!

My code compiled fine locally on two totally different platforms.
If there is a problem building it on your servers then it’s likely to be a problem with configuration of the build.

Since the build server never gave me feedback and I submitted with enough time to fix any problems which could have arose during submission I think that it would only be fair to allow me to make build configuration changes to get a successful build if necessary.
I could do this by supplying a patch file which only effects the build definition or we could work out some other way of verifying that I didn’t change the bot itself.
What do you think?

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, here’s what I see when I look at the submission tab:

(Rather confusingly, the time reflected on the screenshot I took just now appears to be different from that which I saw when I submitted it on Saturday.)

Hi @Quiescent

We have investigated your build and there are some compilation failures that caused the build status not to update. We will contact you privately to try and resolve this.