Submission deadline for starter bots

Hi guys,

What is the submission deadline for new starter bots?


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Looks like 2 May?

I mean starter bots - for a new language

Oh sorry, my bad.

That’s what you get from skimming messages…

no worries :slight_smile:

Hi @japes,

Last year it was 19th of May, we are looking at possibly pushing that date further back this year. Will get back to you when I am sure, but it won’t be earlier than the 19th of May.


In other words, after the first tournament? I thought the point of submitting sample bots was to get support for your choice of language into the game runner?

@Malman, @demaniak, @japes,

Apologies, the team has requested that new bots are submitted 2 weeks before the first tournament to allow time to make sure all the bot is reviewed and merged in.

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