Submission Issue (Execution data is null)

Hi Guys

I think you guys have really done a great job this year with challenge. From the documentation to the submission - Well done!

I am however having an issue when submitting my project. It uploads and builds perfectly. For the match status, it read “Required attention” and the logs only tell me:
Command: No Command
Execution time: 0ms
Exception: Execution data is null

Any idea what the issue can be?

Thanks again for a great challenge!

Hi Ewald

This usually happens if your bot has crashed or not started up correctly. I cannot see any submissions for you so I can’t verify if anything obvious is wrong. I suggest the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure your bot does not crash when running locally
  • Upload the starter bot of your chosen language and verify if that works correctly
  • If the starter bot worked, compare your bot with the starter bot and see if any of the differences could cause the bot to crash
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Morning Renette

My bot runs 100% locally without any issues. I have uploaded the starter-bot and received the same issue. I made sure to download as without any changes.

Any thing else I can try? It also worries me that you cant see anything uploaded. See my screenshot below.

Anything other information I can provide.

Thanks for the quick response!

Hi Ewald

I have found your submissions, not sure why I couldn’t find them yesterday.

From what I can see your latest upload ran a successful reference match without exceptions.

The previous submission crashed at initialization with the following error:

Error: An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (StarterBot.deps.json) was not found:
package: 'Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces', version: '1.1.0'
path: 'lib/netstandard2.0/Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces.dll'

We have seen similar issues before, please have a look at this thread Submission Issues and see if Navin’s fix of including dependencies in the upload works for you.

Hi Renette

The successful submission was a POC I did to trouble shoot my error.

I will go through the thread to see if it I can get it right.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Renette (and who else has this issue)

I m using dotnetcore and fixed the issue by using this thread - Submission Issues and adding some steps.

In VS, I published the solution which included posted all my DLL to my release / debug folder. I also copied it into the root. All working :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help!!!