Submission Requires Attention

Hi, I submitted a test application and the match status said “Requires Attention” I downloaded the logs and I don’t see any issues. Is this expected?

Look closely - it might be reporting some timeouts (and the timeouts might be opponent bot actually).

Thanks @demaniak appreciate the help.
I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I did notice some erratic movement in the game logs I got back after submission (car jumping two spaces to the right and left during the race).

Well, if the Command log does not show any exception , and there is nothing in the match logs about timeouts or such, and you have this weird car movement… then I would say the entelect team would need to take a look.

I would suggest to submit the same bot again, and see if the results are the same.

Shot, good idea. There was no errors, so will definitely try to reproduce.
Best of luck, and I look forward to see you on the start line :slight_smile:


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Hi @scavanger

Thanks for bringing this up, please let us know if this issue happens again.

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I am not getting a successful submission , the reference bot keeps timing out, how will this affect my entry?

@scavanger, if you are very sure that the only reason the submission is “requiring attention” is because of the reference bot timeouts, then you will be fine. Same happened last year and caused many participants to stress unnecessary. Good luck with the competition!

Thanks Kuifie,
PHEW, that is a relief… Appreciate the help, the only things the logs show is:

Referee messages

Player: reference-bot (B - CoffeeRef) -> Consecutive timeouts on rounds 9 and 10
Player: reference-bot (B - CoffeeRef) -> Consecutive timeouts on rounds 137 and 138

This is my first year entering and have to say, both the contestants and the Entelect team are really helpful.
Thanks again, and see you on the startline!

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