Submissions do not progress beyond "In Queue"

Anybody else having issue getting submissions in? Every submission I’ve tried is stuck at “In Queue”.

Same here :+1: Been stuck in the queue for a day or two now

My submissions all eventually failed with a Connection Timeout.

This is a known issue, and we are working towards resolving it. This fix will be sent in with the new release @kobus-v-schoor @Koos

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Hi @laaiqahseedat - is the fix live? My submissions all still end in connection timeout.
Bot Id: 9eb7bdba-2201-4614-8a85-8370b4ac7360
Match Id: 9e24ae4a-1cc3-460c-94a5-8a12f5096bf3
Bot Logs:
9eb7bdba-2201-4614-8a85-8370b4ac7360_bot_2023-06-19 08_30 (1).json (4.8 KB)

Hi @Koos, looking at the Engine logs from your matches, it looks like your bot is not connecting to the runner hub. When you test locally, does it work?

Yes, but only if I pass in the RUNNER_IPV4 environment variable. e.g.
docker run -e RUNNER_IPV4=‘’ kotlinbot

@Izak I have added some output with my latest release to see if the environment variable gets resolved correctly, however the “Stuck in Queue” issue seems to be resurfacing since 12:30pm -sh.

A few hours later and it seems like the stuck “In Queue” bug is definitely back. @Izak @laaiqahseedat

Hey @Koos, I’ve asked our Cloud Squad (@RenierLR) to take a look at it

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So just an update - I narrowed the issue down to the RUNNER_IPV4 environment variable being set to and not as I expected. The default Kotlin bot’s connection logic breaks with the addition of “http://” so now I just purge it from the value received before attempting connection. First submission is now “In Progress”. Huzzah! Thanks for your time @Izak

Hi @Koos,
Glad you managed to find the solution. We will have a look at the different starter bots and make sure this isn’t a problem on the rest of them.

Hey @Koos,

The Kotlin bot makes provision for this - 2023-Cy-Fi/starter-bots/KotlinBot/src/main/kotlin/runner/SignalRService.kt at main · EntelectChallenge/2023-Cy-Fi · GitHub

Please ensure that your bot does something similar

Thanks, yes I saw the newer version indeed does cater for this. The original version I started from did not, however.

Does this meean we need to download a new CI/CD file for submission?

No it should not impact your CI/CD file.

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@Izak IThere seems to be a new bug on submissions at the moment. They do not progress beyond “In Queue” and after about 24 hours appear as failed BUT the bot logs show that the bot played and completed the match.

Hi @Izak are there any issues with the submissions, I see matches are failing or stuck in Queue again

Apologies all, there have been issues with our cloud infrastructure. IaC isn’t all it’s cracked up to be :laughing:. It should be good now @Koos, @Kortgat

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HI @Izak - seeing some more of this currently…

As mentioned in other post, I had to hack a bit on the workflow file (java), so eh, might be my fault somehow…

Can confirm its indeed still broken.

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