Submissions stuck

Entelect team, please can you check the portal, I’ve had submissions stuck since last night.

Hey @styphoiz

thanks for pointing this out we’re looking into it :blush:

Thanks @Jenique, any idea when this will be resolved?

This looks fixed now @Jenique, thanks, please confirm the previous runs still pending wont affect the latest upload

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Hey @styphoiz I’ll confirm with the submissions team

Hey @styphoiz I’ve checked with the team. The latest submission will be the one that is used in the tournament .

The Queueing might be an issue if your bots are different in each submission. If you want to be certain you can upload again

Hope that helps :blush:

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Hi @Jenique, uploads are sitting as in progress since over an hour, I’m done for today, not sure if it’s an issue with portal again, I’ll check in the morning if it’s complete.

Checked now and matches from last night are still stuck in progress.

Hey @styphoiz thanks for pointing this out. It is an issue on our side I’ll have a look now

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