Hey, Could you consider a offensive structure that targets a specific cell?

One that can potentially target your own building as well. under certain circumstances I might want to destroy my own buildings (To improve my advantage…)

Thanks for the suggestion :+1:

We have some ideas about buildings and features to add after this first phase, but the Renegade tournament is priority right now…we don’t want to bring these changes on such short notice before the tournament :smile:

just build the buildings you want killed later on places most likley to get hit

A building like that would be imba in my opinion. You could just plant a few and have them all target a different cell in a row the whole time leaving your opponent defenseless in that row without being able to do much about it.

Possibilities for balancing would be large build costs and energy costs to actually fire.

That will not work for energy :stuck_out_tongue: but on the bigger map its not as important. On the 4*4, I sometimes ended with redundant structures (So at the time they were absolutely necessary but as rounds changed they might not have been). But only because the other side lost advantage.

Heck even a destroy building command might be so cool… Considering that you lose a turn and advantage. However on the mammoth 8*8 map, There will likely not be enough time to fill the board. In the case of a stalemate the matches will go back and forth a lot. and there will be a lot of building trading.

In the case where a player can actually fill their board. They will likely overpower their opponent long before the board is filled.

The balance on the bigger map feels a bit strange. it almost feels too big for what I have. But I know I will appreciate the space in future updates.

A minor suggestion for a future version. Please consider a double build phase (Double build command).

I have a few reasons for this suggestion:
A) It will give a reason to build more energy factories.
B) It will allow much more strategies. One builder could for example be busy with base development (Energy etc)
C) It will speed up the game pace a bit. Currently it feels slow.

This is dependent on the future upgrades though. I also understand that it will mess with some bots (My current bot will be able to handle a second move with like a three line update.)

Thats my take on the state of things. Having fun though…

Thanks @WillieTheron for all the ideas! There are some interesting possibilities there, especially the multiple builders.
We will have a few meetings in the coming weeks to hammer out all the details for the upcoming phases.

I believe we already have all the changes planned out for the next phase, but there’s always room for improvement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and there is always the last phase.