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I don’t see rust support for this year as well. Is it possible that you add it?


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See: Non interpreted language support (GOLANG)

Hi Faruk!

I’m attacking that windmill for Golang at the moment. Check my bot I have so far here (made some notes on compilation)

Also here’s the PR itself…

You’ll have to add a Compiler and a Runner csharp file to make it work. I have not added a Compiler script yet (I’m cheating a little using “Go run”)

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Hi all,

I’ve started hacking on getting Rust support into this thing. Pull request is here if anyone wants to take a look:

Kind regards,

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@svanellewee sweet, i got a bit stuck on the recompilation of the game engine too (made a julia sample bot), will try this tomorrow. We should stick that makefile in the game engine directory along with a readme file…

nice one ! I’d love to see it! Oh so many languages… so little time…