The Furious and the Fast 42

Historically, game rules have changed from tournament to tournament.

Do we know when the changes will be announced if any?

I did super poorly in the first tournament, so would like to put a bit more work into the second one.

I have no idea what changes to expect for the next round, but some interesting options could be:

  1. Projectiles to hurt the other car.
  2. More lanes
  3. More sight. Maybe a “more sight” power pack you can pick up to grant 40/40 vision for some rounds.
  4. More lanes and 4 players driving instead of just 2.
  5. Mud and/or oil damages your car and after too much damages you “miss a turn” to fix and then start at zero speed. Maybe also add health power boosters.
  6. “Off-road Tyres” power pack to negate the mud and oil for a round or 2
  7. Wings powerpack so that you can fly over the opponent car if he is in front of you and you literally wants to overtake him by boosting or accelerating.

@kuifie We think alike! I’m for all those changes

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