The Top 8 Finalists

All the matches completed. We verified all the results. And we’re proud to announce the victors.:confetti_ball:

In alphabetical order:

• Andrè Nel
• Anesu Jairosi
• Dion van Huyssteen
• Jaco Mostert
• Mark-Anthony Fouchè
• Ryan Louw
• Willie Theron
• Wynand Wolmarans

Well done guys! We will contact you soon. To the rest, it was a tough couple of battles and feel free to come and support your favorite finalist at rAge.

Congratulations everyone!
Are there any more details available as to the exact time of the event next Friday?

I believe the event will be on saturday.
Although I see the page says 6 Oct.

Congratulations to the finalists!

Any chance that the finals will be streamed? For anyone who cannot make it to rAge.

Will it be on friday or saturday?

Hi All,

The event will be on the Saturday. We will give more details about the time next week some time.

We will unfortunately not be streaming the event live, but we will be uploading the replay’s for the finals to YouTube for you to watch after the event.

Congrats to all of the winners! @Entelect - when will the full leaderboard for the last battle be made public?

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Yes, I am too interested in the third round results, and the video of the payoffs please!

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I would also love to see the final results

Hi All,

The leaderboards for the last two battles are now public. We are still in the process of editing the video that will be uploaded to YouTube with the play off games.


A MyBB article:

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How is the editing of the video coming along?

Hi unss,

We are still editing the interviews etc. Hopefully it will not be that much longer, but this does take some time to do correctly :wink:

Thanks for the update!

Hi Wackymax, are there any progress on the video(s) for the play off games?

Hi MotoGrimler,

There is yes. We received the final cut for the rage video and will upload it along with the game videos by the end of the month.

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Hi All,

The videos are now live on YouTube. You can find them on this playlist.

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For those looking for a new challenge, Halite II seems like a fun AI challenge. Check it out at
We need more South Africans!
Going to spam a few threads as I dont think anyone is watching the forum for new threads. Forgiveness asked if you receive duplicate notifications.