Things to do while you wait for the final tournament of 2020 to start

  1. Refresh the forum a couple of times
  2. Clip your toe nails
  3. Sweep your driveway
  4. Sweep the rest of your side walk because for some reason you have like 10 jacaranda and karee trees while the rest of the houses has maybe like ONE on their respective stretches of street, so your stretch always looks like an abandoned property.
  5. Move the Wifi AP 2 meters to the right because your wife want’s to move the cabinet on which it rests. This entails a riveting adventure into the Roof, in order to move the CAT and power cables. Narrowly avoid death by-falling-through-the-ceiling
  6. Consider your toe nails again. Realize you clipped on nail shorter than the other. Attempt to correct
  7. Curse, hop around, search for band-aids and antibacterial salve. The re-clipping went poorly.
  8. Beat your 3 year old at old school tv games (Balloon fight).
  9. Apologize to your 3 year old for beating him in Balloon fight
  10. Check the forum
  11. Start to play the game you bought on a Steam special 9 months ago, but never got around to playing because work…and then Entelect AI challenge…and stuff.
  12. Constantly alt-tab out of said game to check the forum (why not check on your phone??)
  13. Have a coffee
  14. Make another coffee for the wife
  15. Give your dog a bath
  16. Consider your life choices, while soaking wet, watching your idiot dog roll around in the dirt after violently escaping the whole “bath” thing.
  17. Check the forum
    18 . Consider running just ONE more experiment on your challenge code, just to verify that that idea you had last night really is silly and can’t possibly yield statistically better results.
  18. Go for a lie down until the fever passes.
  19. Get up after 5min, check the forum (why not check on your phone???)
  20. Consider buying a chainsaw to more easily do some garden trimming yourself. Start a spreadsheet to capture your research results regarding chainsaw options.
  21. Realize your weakling programmer arms probably can’t properly wield The Best Chainsaw, so start a new spreadsheet to examine “bulking up so that you can handle a monster chainsaw like a pro” vs “just paying some guys every now and then to do it for you”.
  22. Check the forum.
  23. Explain to your wife that you can’t do the other Thing she want’s you to do, because you are busy. Checking the forum.
  24. Start a new topic , “Things to do while you wait for the final tournament of 2020 to start”.
  1. Look at the unreleased public leaderboard at every 10 minutes just in case that has extra info (lists today as the starting date so maybe this pans out after the next refresh?) EDIT: this one just got a “Running” status - guess I’ll be refreshing every 5 mins now
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Oh boy!
I see “running”… so…I guess it’s ON ?!

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The jam I had in my head the last couple of days whenever I was looking at challenge stuff:

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Well, if it is really and actually running, it’s not running particularly fast.
Guess I’ll stop refreshing and go do… something.

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My F5 key finally broke, hence the only sane alternative:

#! /bin/bash



curl $url > $base

while true; do
	curl $url > $compare
	if cmp $base $compare; then
		echo nope, still nothing
		echo it changed!
		mailx -s "IT IS HAPPENNING" < /dev/null
	mv $compare $base
	sleep 10m


Add “-s” to curl to make it run silent (without all the downloaded so many bytes etc)

I see there is some movement… personal leader board reset, script detected some change (not sure what since there are still no results).
But…there is rustling in the bushes.

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check your tournament results on your player portal page.

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… I still see nada… you guys seeing things?
oooooh the tournament RESULTS!!!


Hahaha well you kicked my ass @LouisLotter , timeout or no!

You also @kobus-v-schoor ! dang!

It seems all the Big Names whooped me :smiley:

Leaderboard is up and running, go have a look!