Tick Length


This was not immediately clear from the actual documentations but roughly how long is a tick?

Need to factor that in on my end.

That’s in the game engine config, called TickRate, currently 100 ms.

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Thank you for the response Nicolas, that is correct.

Hi. Can we assume that the tick duration will stay at 100ms for the upcoming tournament? I saw the default tick rate being 20ms in the engine’s appsettings.json

Hi @marvijo , thank you for reaching out. The tournaments run on 75ms.

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Interesting - I thought it would be 100ms across the board.

Can we assume that the tournament hardware will be on par with the player portal? I.e. if my bot can process the game state and issue a command in 70ms if I submit it to the player portal, can I safely assume that it will be in the region of 70ms in a tournament as well?

Hi @rfnel, we use the exact same hardware setup and configuration for submission processing and tournaments. If your bot is able to do everything it should in the player portal, it should be able to do in the tournaments.

Just a FYI, the hardware that each individual bot receive is 8GB or RAM and 2 vCPU cores. This is consistent throughout the whole process.

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