Hello team,

I seem to remember reading somewhere that execution time would be used to resolve ties (after looking at scores). Does that only apply in the finals?

Because I’ve seen some ties in my practice games and the execution times of the bots are quite different.

Hi @Japes

Execution time is used as a tiebreaker in the rare situation where two players have the exact same score in a tournament. This is applicable to all tournaments, not just the finals. I hope that clarifies it :slight_smile:


I have spent far too much time looking at the live game today.

One of my games has been a tie! Equal points after 400 rounds - quite impressively unlikely.

I notice that it’s been attributed as a loss for me though, even though my bot had the lower execution time - has the tiebreaking code gone wrong, or is this something that gets fixed later when you review the games? @Renette

@Malman I have two tied games and and both appear as losses in the tournament results. For one of them I know I have less execution time. And against you I seem to have more.

Hi all

We will look at these during the match verification and get back to you :slightly_smiling_face: