Time Exceeded - System or bot?

So, to me the log look like my laptop hiccuped and didn’t launch the bot correctly… am I correct in assuming this?

13-06-2017 11:59:04:009 - D: 	Executing bot with following commands java -Xms512m -jar "bot.jar" A "C:\Programing\2017-Battleships-master\v1.03 compiled\Game Engine\Replays\2017-06-13 11-57-59-513\Phase 2 - Round 41\A"
13-06-2017 11:59:04:009 - I: 	Executing process java -Xms512m -jar "bot.jar" A "C:\Programing\2017-Battleships-master\v1.03 compiled\Game Engine\Replays\2017-06-13 11-57-59-513\Phase 2 - Round 41\A"
13-06-2017 11:59:06:023 - I: 	Bot has 4000ms to run before it will be forcefully killed
13-06-2017 11:59:06:317 - I: 	Output from bot: A

I believe this post is similar to your question

I get this issue when I run several hundred matches in sequence. I think it probably has to do with starting up the bot’s process every time, and if this happens a lot sometime the process will hang a little bit. I think the important part to consider is your bot execution time (in the reference bots it’s already coded in to give you a timer for your bot).
Also try running your bot vs the reference bot, and see if both players time out at the same time I would say it’s the game engine. If it’s only you consider checking your code for possible threads etc that could keep the process alive after you finish executing.

The issue I’m seeing is the time before even one line of my code gets run. In the log above its about 2sec. I’m running my Java bot against the c reference bot and it’s only my bot that hangs. I’m hoping that it’s system related. All my tests from Player portal finish under 100ms, but would like some input on what I could look at to sorting this out as it messes with my testing / averages

Hi Twit,

I can’t think of anything that would be causing this in the game engine. I think it might be system related somehow, or it might be that the JVM is taking a long time start up. It could also mean that some process is holding on to your bot file preventing the system from loading it in a timely manner. Something like this is hard to pin point though. I would be interested to see if this only happens with some languages or all the languages.

i cannot see the time exceeded error in the log,maby you did not post the complete log ,but what happens if you run with --nolimit ,would that help seeing the problem or perhaps allow you to test?

Yes. I cut the most of the log out because it was irrelevant to the question… If you look at line 2 and line 3 of the log, you will see that it takes 2 seconds to launch my bot.

I am going to assume that it is a system specific fault and just live with it I guess. Short of uninstalling and reinstalling everything there is not much I can do, and even then it could be a read speed error with my HDD or something.

hmm yes i see now , good luck though.

random thought i had was put a system time timestamp message to the log in your application entry point, then open up the round log to see the difference between the engine timestamp log entry up towards your entry timestamp (if possible) and deduce the time it took to start up versus the time after process shutdown …