Timeline and Comic Con

Hi There,

Im Curious about the next few days,

A) When will the tournament run, and will we be able to see the results as they process? “We might be able to get a idea if we have a good chance to be in, even if matches are still running”

B) I like the change we had last year, which was mentioned this year as well, where we can see our placements after this event and still submit bugfixes, Do we know how long that window will be? Maybe 7 Days?

C) Comic Con itself, For users who are in the top 8,
What tickets and what quantities will be received?
Sometimes we have Day Passes, Sometimes Weekend Passes, sometimes +1s.

Now I hope I am top 8, and I really want to patch some stuff on my side if i am.
Im pretty nervous here…

Just need to start sorting Tickets, Transport and Accommodation for Comic Con,
So am wondering when we can start snooping our placements.

Im excited and nervous. If I am top 8 Im going to do something crazy in a last ditch effort to show my metal…

Goodluck everyone.
Congrats to everyone who already has Golden Tickets.

I was way too late to the party. But my experiences this year cannot be bought.
So hope I make it regardless.

Hoping the seeds are in my favor… :melting_face: