Too many rules changes

I’m getting frustrated by all the rules changes. A couple of weeks ago there was no lava. A week ago there were no snowballs. When are you going to finalize the rules so I can finalize my approach?


Hi @markus27183

These were the last changes that we are going to make to the rules, apart from balancing the config based on community feedback.

The Challenge has a 3 phase approach and we introduce new rules after the first two tournaments to keep it interesting as stated on the rules page.

The competition consists of three stages. New rules may be introduced to the game dynamics after each stage to keep it interesting and challenging.

As for the newest rule changes that included Lava, Snowballs and the new Technologist worm type; these additions are final. We will most likely be balancing the strengths of these effects based on the feedback we attain from the Balancing of release 3.0 thread with the deadline at Friday 16 August 2019 @ 18h00.


To be fair, snowballs and lava were introduced at the same time.

The changes after every tournament keep it interesting.