Top 8 Reminder

Hi @Jordan, @Jenique

Just a quick follow through.
Dont give us the actial placements for top 8.

Let that be a surprize for the actual finals.

We have had some finals where we sort of knew the placements so we could see who were favourites to win.
I find that just somewhat polarises players.

As lower rank users are discouraged, and higher ones are sometimes overly excited.
I remember one year number 1 from event leader fell out first.
He didnt even stay for photos.

Though its nice if number 7 wins, which I also saw.

Anyways. just some thoughts.
Let the top 6 know who they are. BUT dont actually give a leaderboard.

Whether I am first with a substantial margin or didnt even make top 8 in these last playoffs.
Either way I wouldnt want to know anyways.