Tournament 1 - Petal Power (Reschedule to 25 May)

Good Afternoon everyone :lady_beetle:

Yes, you read the heading right! We are running Tournament 1 again!
There were some interesting bugs pointed out by you guys that we wanted to fix ASAP.
We want to make sure the tournament is fair for everyone and in light of the last-minute bug fix releases which was totally perfect and had no mistakes. There were some issues introduced and it would not be fair to all of you to not address them and redo the competition.

So we are rerunning the tournament! Hopefully, this gives everyone some extra time to put in those last-minute fixes :blush:

New Tournament 1 date:

  • 2024-05-25T21:59:00Z (Midnight)

Bug fix release - with visualiser enhancements

  • This afternoon - please update your engines to get all the latest fixes

Thanks for your patience everyone, We will keep all of this in mind for next year and keep on making Entelect Challenge better and better :muscle:
Good luck for round 1 part 2 :four_leaf_clover:



I will run a lot of tests when the new engine is out, and if anything else pops up I will let you know.
**As fixing one set of bugs will immediately introduce a new set,

Gotta love software.

Im greatful for this so i can also look if my own bot plays nicely in a better environment.
I dont have much to do, but a day or two for bug fixes is always appreciated.

Goodluck everyone,
I was honnestly more worried about my own bugs than the engines…

Also, I noticed something interesting.
Uncertain if it was intended, When they take my land advances, They prune me even if I wasnt pruned. That seems a bit odd. But, New engine, New tests…

**Edit - Just read:
If a farmer completely encircles another farmer and completes its trail to claim the encircled territory, the encircled farmer is pruned and respawned in its respawn position. All of the territory that belonged to the encircled farmer is transfered to the encricling farmer.

Okay, that makes sense…

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