Tournament 1 - Results

Tournament 1 has come and gone, and we now have our first four finalists for the 2024 Entelect Challenge!

Congratulations to @WillieTheron , @kobus-v-schoor , @rfnel , and @jiro90 ! :herb:

Tournament 2 is around the corner, so get those bots tweaked to claim one of the remaining four finalists spots! :grin:


Thanks @lijani_vwdv, and congrats to all the other finalists! Looking forward to seeing you all at CCA this year :smile: PS @lijani_vwdv I can’t see the leaderboard yet, not sure if this is intentional?

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Well done guys!

When can the rest of us mere mortals see where we placed?

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Hi @kobus-v-schoor , this will be updated / released soon.

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@japes , @kobus-v-schoor the leaderboard is now available, you can see where everyone placed there.


@Laaiqah_Seedat Are the tournament’s match logs for our own bots intentionally not published? Also, how does the scoring work? Win=1 point or something else?

Also curious, but think its more:

4th = 1 point,
3rd = 2 points
2nd = 3 points
1st = 4 points

Will find out and get back to you as soon as possible

Edit : Logs for tournaments are not posted, however they will be posted for friendlies.

@WillieTheron was correct, points are allocated as follows:
1st place = 4 points
2nd = 3 points
3rd = 2 points
4th = 1 points

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