Tournament 2 extension

Hey everyone!

ln light of the new 2022.2.2 version release we will push out the tournament date to

13 Wednesday

To give everyone a bit more time to update their bots

Thanks for all the feedback :pray:


Oh im so greatful, thanks, I did around half my building implimentatiosn now between 6 and 8.

So Im certain I will be done by 12. But this is a relief.

It means I can ease a little and just use tomorrow to bugfix.

One strange question.
Does buffs stack?

So if I have a food node with 4 surrounding farms. Will all 4 farms buffs stack on the food node, or is being buffed merely a state and a farm only needs to be buffed once.

I have not had time to test or look at the nodes itself.
Just wondering what the behaviour should be.

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Just to be sure, do we have until 13 July 2022 23:59 for our submissions?

The countdown timer on Entelect Challenge counts down to 12 July 2022 23:59 but the deadline on Entelect Challenge is 13 July 2022 23:59. And just " the tournament date to 13 Wednesday" Is a bit ambiguous, does that mean the 13th is the last day to submit or the matches start running the 13th and all submissions have to be in before then?

The timing for this round has been particularly bad for me and the extra day might determine whether it’s worth trying for me at all this round.

Hi Seuntjie,
Sorry for the confusion, you have until midnight on 13 July to submit your bot.