Tournament 2 - Glacier: Expedition Dates

Hi everyone,

After the all excitement of the first tournament we are eager to get the second one underway.
The second tournament will take place on 2 July, with the new rules and additions coming out within the next 2 weeks.
We can’t wait to see how everyone BUILDs on these new changes to take their settlers to new heights.

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Thanks for the info Jaco.

I am a bit concerned that the team is having more fun than we are with this challenge haha.

If the changes are made public within in the next 2 weeks that basically only gives us 2 weeks to build our bots for the next tournament so the pressure will be on and doesnt leave much time for a lot of strategy or optimization. That is if there are no bugs or changes after release (which is part of any programming project).

Having said that I am really excited to see what the team has come up with for the 2nd tournament, having put in all this time and effort since the last tournament. Its bound to be great!

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So we only have 1 week before the next scheduled tournament?