Tournament 2 Results Expectation

Hi there @Jako @Jenique

I am sure all of us contestants are sitting in-front of the leader board mashing our F5 keys (@kobus-v-schoor) :sweat_smile:

Is it possible to maybe give us an estimate for when the results will be ready? Just a rough one so we can go on with our normal lives in the mean time instead of checking 3-times in a minute haha

This week?
This weekend?
Next week?

No pressure as I know you guys are working hard and have a lot to get through.

Thanks for the great challenge!
Super excited!

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We are hard at work analyzing the results. Unfortunately I cannot commit to a time yet, however I can tell you that the results will not be available until next week. As soon as we have more information we will let you know.

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Perfect thanks! @Jako

Hi @Jako , just checking in to see if there is any update?

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Hi @Jako any idea when the leader board will be updated?


Hi everyone,
Thank you for staying so patient. The long wait is over and the result should be on the website.
A big congratulations to our top 3!!