Tournament 2 Results

Hello Challengers!

We are glad to report that Tournament 2 went off without a hitch!

Congratulations to the following additional 4 finalists, @ted, @rfnel, @WillieTheron, @feinu :trophy:!

Well done to all who participated! We’re looking forward to everyone’s bots in 2024!


Well done to all the new finalist, looking forward to see you all at Comic-con :partying_face: @Izak not sure if it’s just on my side, but I can’t see the leaderboard for the Level Jumper tournament? I can see the new friendlies + finals leaderboards that were added

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I am also unable to see the board…

Im curious to use this results as a benchmark.
But I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

Knowing im in this early helps a lot, and the 2 weeks is generous.

Hyper excited now.

The competition is so close…

I actually think its close enough that if we reran it everything would change.
Except Kobus… Dont know what he fed his bot but I need some of that in mine…

New Challenge Unlocked:
Steal coins from Kobus :laughing: