Tournament 3 - Important Notice

Hi everyone there is a known bug with the latest release which we will not be able to fix before the tournament .

Previously a release was done that Fixed issue where cyber truck did not ignore players start block. It has come to our attention that a cyber truck will only ignore the players start block if that player is fixing that round. Other than that cyber trucks do not ignore a players start block. i.e. highly advised you don’t drop cyber trucks on yourselves.

Well, TEchnically they are stuffed then the moment they do not fix,

Thanks for the mention, Last tournament I did not utilize this.
I will make sure I patch this. You can really break a player with this one. I will also just test this on the newest harness. Will post if I find anything strange.

I expect the same counters are still in affect like the last tournament, I will test it,

Will post here if its correct. Or if I find it to be correct

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Hi, I’d like to confirm that the engine’s behaviour won’t be changed for the finals (given that we won’t be able to change our submissions)?

Hi @kobus-v-schoor yes there will be no more changes to the engine


Just want to confirm…

What I observed was:

Only if a player’s X and Y remains the same and they hit a cybertruck will the above trigger.

Basically you need to stop the enemy with a EMP the round they share an X with a newly placed Cybertruck.
Which if I am not mistaken can only happen if Player 1 or two cast CT on his future position and player 2 cast EMP immediately the next round.
Not sure exactly what the cause is, but my own bot is not affected by this much.

But in terms of the rest of the harness, As long as x traveled exceeded 0, Starting Tile will be ignored for Cybertrucks. But if you happen to be on a cybertruck and get hit by an EMP, it likely registers your position as an end tile.

You could have some fun with this, But I will probably pass on this. Giving two rounds for this might not be worth using an EMP…
But those Cybertrucks hitting the end tiles has almost no effect in my own tests on the latest harness.
Unless im missing something

Tested this by casting CT on own location, Then using Oil, Boost, Nothing, Everything works.

Just never tested with EMP itself.

@WillieTheron I can second this, have looked at the engine source code and lots of matches on my side, and this seems to be the case.

You’ll only get hit by the truck if your speed is 0 and you aren’t fixing.