Tournament details

It’s that time of the year again

Is it going to be a live tournament this year? Or the same as last year where the results are only released after everything is finalized?


Just assume you won :stuck_out_tongue: i had weird physics behavior with the 100x100 map but my exploration is lacking so dont expect wonders

Yeah, Kobus and I had a friendly match on Friday, and it was like Messi vs a Grade 1 kid :see_no_evil:

As of a few days ago, my bot still got stuck in many places on the map, so it’s not that far along :smile: Not sure how you guys feel, but I get the general sentiment that this year’s challenge has been difficult so far (compared to previous years). I found it to have a lot more corner cases that could easily cause your bot to get stuck. I’ve gone through multiple “it’s working fine now” to “this is trash” moments in the last two weeks (especially when I started working on multiplayer. It felt like everything broke at once :sweat_smile:). I’m generally happy with my bot (although there are quite a few things I couldn’t get to), but I made the classic move of making major changes 2 days before the tournament so we’ll see

This is my first time, but I definitely found there were a lot of edge cases that could potentially turn your bot from being competent navigator to being a whimpering mess, huddling in a corner.

I made the choice to redo my exploration completely last night… submitted my bot 10m before 12… mut overall its playing smoothly but so many edges that can cause pitfalls for no reason i can even see why.

Would love to have a friendly althou i might lose completely

Another question, with the new structure of only 2 preliminary tournaments, what are the prizes for the winners? Or will one get a golden ticket now and the other 7 later? Or first 4 now and the other 4 in second tournament

Nevermind i found the answer

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So on this note, anybody else have a new match randomly start itself on the submission screen yesterday? Is this the tournament match running?

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Yes, and :man_shrugging:. The F5 key is doing some work this week :grin: