Tournament format

Apologies if this has been asked before (or is somewhere on the website) but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

What is the tournament format? Knockout, or points based? Will the rankings just be based on which bot came first in most of its matches?

In other words, would a bot that e.g. consistently places 2nd have a chance of doing well? Or is coming 2nd just as bad as coming last?

Hi @japes, it’s round-robin points based. So consistently coming 2nd is very good.

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Can we get more info on exactly how many points are awarded?
Does every bot play every other bot? How are the matchups determined?

Again apologies if this info already exists somewhere, please point me in the right direction

Hi, yes every bot does play every other bot atleast once (could be more than once)

Essentially every match has 4 bots playing against eachother, and the bots are assigned matches to play using a round robin matchup to get an overall bot average score.

So some games your bot might come first, others it could come last, but overall how are you doing against all others will determine where you end up on the leaderboard. This ensures every bot has a fair fighting chance.

There are a lot of runs of the game (the figure varies on the number of participants ) but always follows a round robin style of play (even till finals)

Hope this helps @japes

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