Tournament points and libaries

Hey guys. I am new to this tournament setup so I just want to make sure of some things :slight_smile:
Is the points value in the tournament equal to the sum of scores your bot amassed through each match? And also I am planning on using a library for the next round and it might be to big for 20 MB. I am not sure yet. Can I just specify the library to be used in the requirements file or how can I go about it? Or must your whole code with libraries be under 20 MB after zipped. Thanks.

Hi @Dries

You are correct, it is your cumulative score of all your matches throughout the tournament.

If it can be downloaded through the requirements.txt then you are welcome to use it, as long as the library works offline during running. It also is excluded from the 20MB limit as that is only the initial upload limit

Thank you @GeelKanarie.