Tournament Scoring - Rules


This will be my first time entering so I was wondering about some rules.

Will the winner of the first tournament on 1 May be the bot with the most wins, or will there be points for placing second and third for example in each match that you place and would this score will be added up in the end to work out the winner?

Also with regards to libraries, are we allowed to use whatever library?


Hi, so there will be points awarded per game and the winner will be the player with the most points.

Points will be awarded for the position you place in a game.

You can use any library, only if it compiles successfully in our system with the docker file.


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Based on the rules, does this mean that if you sum all the points received for each match in a tournament you’ll get your total score?


Hi, @azilesilwana Yes, Points are awarded per game, and the player with the highest number of points wins.


I asked because when I summed all the points I got for each match in the nova tournament, the points I got were more than the ones I got for the tournament. After further investigations, I realised that some of the logs for the matches were duplicated. I removed the duplicate logs then recalculated my points. My points were less than the ones I got from the tournament.

Because of this, I just need clarification on how the points were calculated so that I can better prepare my bot for the supernova.


Hi there!

When you say points, which field are you talking about?

In the game complete logs, you need to tally the “MatchPoints” field. These are the points awarded for each match in the tournament.

Hi James,

I was tallying up points using the “MatchPoint” field in my investigations.

Hi there,

I’m going to call in @marno.vanniekerk for further assistance on this one. He’ll be able to help investigate any issues on the tournament side.

For your knowledge going into the tournament though, stated, it is the MatchPoints field that is the most important one.

Just for clarity my side, rephrasing what @bradjlund asked, is the ‘score’ field irrelevant in the upcoming tournament?

Hello @azilesilwana and @marvijo . The score field is not used to place the players on the leaderboard or even their placement. MatchPoints is what we use to accumulate your points on the leaderboard for each match your bot play.

@azilesilwana , I will investigate your matches throughout the previous tournament and go from there.

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@azilesilwana , I did an investigation into the tournament matches your bot participated in. I calculated the same score as what the leaderboard is showing. I took the MatchPoints for all your matches in that tournament and summed them, and got the same total match points of 514.

What is the score you calculated from the logs?