Tweets not decremented after use

Hi I’ve noticed a few cases where the game engine does not remove a tweet powerup form my player after using it. I’ll post some examples later but thought I’d ask if anyone else have noticed that ?

The only time that I’ve seen something like that was in the previous release where you could stand still on a powerup and you would pick it up again on every round that you stood still on it (so if you tweeted while standing still on a tweet powerup block your available tweets wouldn’t decrement). That bug is listed as being fixed as of last night’s release though, so if that is with the new starter pack it might be something new.

Hi @LouisLotter
I will talk to the team about this, and check if it is the same issue @kobus-v-schoor mentioned. Will get back to you on this.

Hi @LouisLotter please provide a round before and round after if you can. Tried to replicate this with the latest engine and can’t.

I will look for an example and post tomorrow. If I can’t find it I guess i was crazy.

I have not been able to duplicate this issue locally. Must have been one of the other double pickup bugs that confused me.

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