Unable to download CI/CD

I have tried on multiple devices and browsers to download the CI/CD file for c# but none of them do anything. It only shows a loader and afterward does nothing?

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Hey Donovan, do you perhaps have a popup blocker?

Hi @Izak , @Donovan

Also having a CI file download problem.

Looks like server is coming back with HTTP 500 ?

This is in chromium (because site is broken in Firefox - shame! shaaaaame!). No popup blocker.

Hi @demaniak, thanks for the feedback.

This is what happens when you change an environment variable from “Prod” to “Production”.

We’re working on a fix asap



Can’t be ! in MY systems everything ALWAYS works FLAWLESSLY, every time!

checks nose for any length gains

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There we go @here, all fixed

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Indeed, I was able to download a chunk of yml.

Thanks @Izak !

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