University Cup 2020

The Entelect Challenge University Cup will be going ahead on Saturday the 1st of August. The event will be hosted virtually this year.

Team registrations are now open online here and we have made the decision to open up the cup to full time honours students this year.

To find our more about the challenge you may visit


Is there an expected date by which the 2020 practice problem will be released?
I noticed that the 2019 practice problem has not yet been updated.

Hi @nic

There will be no new updated practice problem for 2020, since it would end up being the same thing just reworded differently.

The 2019 practice problem follows the same pattern of usage just like the 2018 version did, and the same goes for 2020. If you grasp the basics of that practice problem, you will be ready to face the full problem statement revealed at University Cup on Saturday the 1st of August.

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Awesome! Thank you for the feedback

Hey, can a single team have students from different universities?

Hi @smguynamedsteve

No all students in a team needs to be from one university because the team that wins also wins for their university


What format does the submission need to be in? It says ‘source file’ and ‘solution file’. Would a python file and txt file suffice? If so, would the python file simply print to console or would it write the solution to a txt file?


When are we given the details on start and end of the university cup, such as start time and end times?


Hi Folks!

Another language question, When using C#, is VS2017 and .net core 2.2 a requirement?

Can we use VS2019 and the latest .netcore or framework?

Hi @Tim ,

You will receive more information about the output file on Saturday. But for peece of mind we will be expecting a .txt file.

Hi @nic

The university cup with start around 8am and finish at 4pm. The agenda of the day will only be released on the day. Join the Discover server for more announcements: .

Hi @DeVilliers_DuPlessis ,

You may code your algorithm in any language that you like.

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Please make sure to join the Discord server in preparation for the day!

This will be the easiest/fastest way to get in touch with us throughout the cup. We will have a representative in each university channel ready and available to answer your questions.

It will also allow you to collaborate with your university peers. But please note this is not for you to collaborate within your teams, but rather as a university. If you are unsure as to how you will collaborate within your teams on the day, please reach out to us at and we will give you advise on the best tools to use.


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Hey guys

The specification file has been updated on the portal to fix the typos, please redownload the specification to make sure you have the most recent values :grinning:

Please join the discord server for updates