Uploading c#.net core bot

How do you guys upload your .net core bots? My upload doesn’t proceed to build stage, just a success upload.

my project structure:


my bot.json:

	"author": "Legen Dary",
	"nickName": "Legendary",
	"email": "legen@waitforit.dary",
	"botLocation": "./src/legendary/bin/Release/netcoreapp2.1/publish",
	"botFileName": "legendary.dll",
	"botLanguage": "c#core"

Hi @rm2k

While we are verifying and making sure the tournament ran fine, we’ve stopped the building and running of bots, this will resume hopefully very soon, don’t worry about reuploading however, as we will be building your queued bots as soon as it resumes

thanks @GeelKanarie I can now stop bumping my head against the wall.

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