User Data save location

Saving a file containing user data between turns is a bit confusing to me or I am running the test bench wrong.

Following is the settings I use to run the test:
Battleships.exe -b “Z:\0Deleteme\entelectBattleShip\app\VBBattleShip\entelect” “Z:\0Deleteme\entelectBattleShip\app\VBBattleShip\entelect” --clog --pretty --debug

From what I understand.
I can read the map.txt file from the folder given to me and then write a file to this same folder containing user data.
The user data file can then be loaded by my application on the next turn.

During my tests I found that the user data file is deleted after each turn and therefore not available on the next turn.
If however I save the user data file to the working folder of the application then I can access the user data the next turn, but the user data folder is the folder in which the src, target, bot data, ex… files are.
Is this correct ?

Am I using the wrong setting in running Battleships.exe in a way similar to what the main competition will be run in (well with the extra logging in place if possible)?
Where must I save my user data between turns?

See this thread is-bot-supposed-to-be-stateless, it sounds like you’re asking the same question.

I read that thread badly and completed missed the execution folder rule.
Thanks for reminding me and sorry for the duplicate thread.