Version update 2202.2.2 πŸ™Œ

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well. We have relaced the final update for phase 2 :partying_face: - unless there are more serious issues we will address them based off of the feedback.

Here is the associated change log :point_down:

General bug fixes :beetle:

Credit to Kobus van Schoor for catching these for us😊

  • territories overlapping
  • territories out of bounds issues

Balancing tweaks :pinching_hand:

  • increased the initial cost of buildings
  • the cost also scales as the number of buildings of the same type increase

Thank you soo much for your patience and continued feedback. Please let us know what you think. :pray:
If you need more time to adjust to the final changes please let us know we will see what we can do


Thanks for the update! Just from my side, the new balancing changes will have quite an impact on my strategy. I’d appreciate one more weekend to work on my bot


+1 for extension request!

considering these fixes/changes are quite major, an extra week would be much appreciated

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I haven’t even got the time to start on my bot’s second phase, if the tournament is gonna be the 9th, ill just be sticking to the same one used in phase 1

I assume the starter bots models and enums are not updated to show new actions and objects?

Just make sure it still works.

Depending on how you wrote your bot…
I know the second tournament broke my bot because of some minor change that was important, Nothing major, but worth at least making sure it fires for the second event.

Jip, I just grabbed all the new properties from the game engine since I’m building in dotNet its straight forward, added gold at least, will see if I can get buildings in on time, but at least I have something

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