VERY basic visualizer

Hi everyone.

I have written a visualizer to run through a game using the match logs found in the root folder. It is written using Python3 and pygame. Both are required to run the GUI.

Feel free to make changes as needed.

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I’ve been toying with the idea of a simple animated console UI, don’t know if I’ll get there though.

Does your app read the current directory for a “match_logs” folder , or I can point it via command line arg to a folder to use?

urgh, never mind, I just saw the configuration section.


Command line arg might be nice though :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. I almost finished porting another person’s Python viewer for the 2018 Tower Defence challenge, but never posted the project. So I would like to finish that one and re-use most of the tile logic from that one, to also create a visualiser for 2020. So a good chance I will borrow a lot of your parsing and grid logic. Will definitely put my GitHub link for my project here, this time, in the next few days.
Also using Python3, but with Cairo and Gtk3.

Hi. I just saw your posts now. Sorry I got a bit busy throughout the week.

I will have a look at adding command line args.

Please don’t worry to much about it - so far I have not been able to get it running (had a super fine time with that pygame dep, python3).
For now I’m leaving well enough alone, until I hit the next plateau with the bots.