Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition


I know there are already starter bots for C# .Net Core and C++ (MinGW) but can I submit starter bots for Visual Studio 2017 Community (C# and/or C++), targeting Windows only?

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The starter bot for c# can easily be edited / compiled by VS2017 CE, No need to add another starter bot, for the c++ you can just add it to a solution and continue on in VS. VS is just the IDE

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Will you have Visual Studio 2017 CE installed on the bot portal or can we just msbuild?

Because it is dot net Core they will probably use “dotnet build” command. that is the same command Visual studio runs in the background when you compile your program. It doesn’t really matter if VS is installed or not as long as the dotnet core sdk is installed on the server you wont have any issues. I don’t believe the are going to support DotNet 4.7 this year.

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Hi guys,

@Kortgat is correct, you should be able to open the solution or import the files in VS 2017 regardless of the edition. Community Edition should work fine for the current C# starter bot.

We also will be using MSBuild or similar CLI build tools to compile the bots, not VS 2017 or the like, as it will be an automated process to compile and run them.