Visualiser Version 2

Decided to liven up the visualiser I was working on a little:

Specifically now with even more features i am adding some flags for “what” you want to see.

Maybe you want to disable the “Amount of res left” and only track your units.
Or you want to just look at stone. Or just look at buildings.

Depending on what you want to assess the visualiser could have a lot of noise.
So Im adding some functionality to help with that.

I should have another update on Github with all the changes later today.
I still need to add buildings to the visualiser itself.

But its hard to test if Im not building any yet. Im around 50% done with my building implimentation. **Handles all buildings. Definately a nice challenge sorting buildings.

Anyways, Will post some more later.
But I should have something up later today, Our friends Eskom has been unkind… Its not helped my own productivity.

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I also left the part that draws blocks instead of images in comment form. So anyone can adjust if they need.

Know some might have troubles with the above in terms of colors ect. Might change the corn for a tomato anyways,

Cabbage looked pretty cool but looked too much like a tree.
Having some fun this year.