Vrrrpa-wanna-dice-chaana Tournament has begun!

Thank you all for submitting your bots for the Vrrrpa-wanna-dice-chaana tournament.
The tournament has begun!
Who’s bot will come out on top? Keep your eye on the leader board to find out. https://challenge.entelect.co.za/tournaments/vrrrpa-wanna-dice-chaana :grin:


Is it just me, or is it kinda looking like EMP is king?

The games I’ve lost (and actually watched - thanks again for that cmd line visualizer @kobus-v-schoor !) , it seems it is mostly EMP that hits me in the knee at the end.
Like I would be actually having a good chance of winning, and then the EMP Nation attacks…

My bot values an emp at abot 20 % more than a boost so yeah. Emp is the strongest powerup.

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