"Vrrrpa! Wanna dice chaana?" Tournament Winners

The results are in, the winners for this tournament will each receive a Golden Ticket to participate in the finals at Comic Con Africa!

Congratulations to the top 6 winners for the 3rd Tournament, “Vrrrpa! Wanna dice chaana?”

  1. JP da Conceicao
  2. Gawie Jooste
  3. Riaan Nel
  4. Willie
  5. Edward Steere
  6. Kobus van Schoor

But wait, there’s more! Since Kobus (6th) and Mallin Moolman(7th) already own golden tickets, the sixth ticket moves to the 8th position:

  • Louis Lotter

Congratulations Louis Lotter, that was a close call :wink:

The finalists for the tournament “Carmageddon”, at Comic Con Africa

  • Kobus van Schoor
  • Mallin Moolman
  • JP da Conceicao
  • Gawie Jooste
  • Riaan Nel
  • Willie
  • Edward Steere
  • Louis Lotter

Congratulations and see you all at Comic Con Africa (the Con has gone online)!
We will keep in touch with links and info around the streaming event, watch this space.


Haha Nice :slight_smile:
Good luck everyone.

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It is going to be an exciting finals! Good luck, may the best bot win.