What deturmines finals winning Factors

Hey guys,

Just want to know what determines winning in the finals where matches are not a round Robin setting?

Do we play 2 matches and tie break with score? Or Tie break with distance?

This was somewhat confirmed a while back with the following:
It was previously suggested that:
A) Two matches are run (With inverted players)
B) The winner is the player who wins both matches
C) In the event of a tie, the winner is the player with the most score.

But read in the change log:
Max rounds will result in a winner: player who moved the furthest. If tie then player with the greater speed. If tie then player with the highest score.

So will this be a factor in tiebreakers as well?

I asked this a while back and built a function for both scenarios. Just want to know how the finals will be run and what will have most weight for tie breakers.

Think this is the only real vital piece of intel that we need.
If left unanswered I would assume score is the tiebreaker because:

A) That is what round Robin uses
B) That is what was previously suggested

Therefor in the spirit of the code freeze I would assume score is the tiebreaker as long as its not a max rounds issue. I am also Also Assuming that a β€œMatch” will have 2 rounds (Inverting players) to insure theres no placement penalties on one of the two players.

Just want to make sure I prioritize what is most important.

@KyleMc @Renette

For what it’s worth, in my mind distance makes the most sense.

The primary objective is to win the race - ergo the larger the margin by which you win, the β€œbetter” the win.

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For me it also does not matter much which path to take,

As it technically does not affect bots, but at the same time it does.

I for one currently throttles my bot in favour of score if I have a large enough lead / conditions are good.
Just dont want to leave it in if distance is the key factor, But at the same time I dont want to not throttle if score is king.

Its not that I wanted to leave this for last moment, This is the third time Im seeking guidance :smile:

@WillieTheron If I recall correctly that change was to resolves ties in a single game.

So we perform tiebreaking independently on the two matches (using distance, speed, score). If there is still a tie (each player won one game), I believe we will use score to make the final determination.

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Thank you for clarifying, If anything here changes, I will monitor the chat here

@Renette I saw in one of my games both bots crossed the finish line at the same time with a speed of 15. My bot had a higher score but the other bot won the game. Why would this be the case?

Hi @GawieJooste

That doesn’t sound right. Can you please let us know who this match is against then I will add it to the list of matches that need verification.

It could be that you ran out of boostcounters that turn. Count backwards to how many turns you boosted before the final turn. Your speed will count as 9 if that happens.

The match was against Riaan Nel. My bot just used the boost in the final turn so its speed should have just went up to 15 unless it does not work that way. Here is the info for that round (my bot is Dastardly):

23:05:08,406 INFO ******************************************************************************************************
23:05:08,406 INFO Starting round: 168
23:05:08,406 INFO Player A - Botty McBotface: Map View
23:05:08,406 INFO ======================================================================================================
player: id:1 position: y:2 x:1494 speed:15 state:USED_LIZARD statesThatOccurredThisRound:USED_LIZARD boosting:true boost-counter:4 damage:0 score:404 powerups: BOOST:1, LIZARD:2, EMP:4, TWEET:5
opponent: id:2 position: y:2 x:1488 speed:8


23:05:08,414 INFO Player A - Botty McBotface: Got command [USE_LIZARD]
23:05:08,414 INFO Player B - Dastardly: Map View
23:05:08,415 INFO ======================================================================================================
player: id:2 position: y:2 x:1488 speed:8 state:USED_LIZARD statesThatOccurredThisRound:USED_LIZARD boosting:false boost-counter:0 damage:0 score:481 powerups: LIZARD:2, TWEET:6, EMP:6, OIL:1, BOOST:1
opponent: id:1 position: y:2 x:1494 speed:15


23:05:08,508 INFO Player B - Dastardly: Got command [USE_BOOST]
23:05:08,510 INFO Completed round: 168
23:05:08,530 INFO ******************************************************************************************************
23:05:08,531 INFO Game Complete
23:05:08,532 INFO Checking if match is valid
23:05:08,534 INFO =======================================
23:05:08,534 INFO The winner is: A - Botty McBotface

A - Botty McBotface - score:404 health:0
B - Dastardly - score:485 health:0

I saw this - also curious about what happened.

@Renette - if both bots cross the finish line in the same round and at the same speed, is there a bias towards the bot that crossed the finish line β€˜first’ (i.e. the bot closest to the finish line at the start of the round)?

I will double check with the engine squad, but in the meantime I have added this match to the list for review :slight_smile:

Hello @rfnel the reason P1 won, was because P2 collided with P1 from behind, so while P1 had landed on the finish line (1500) P2 was stuck behind P1 on block 1499 and thus P1 won.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Okay that makes sense. I did not think a bot would stop on the finish line even if it had more movement left. Just something I missed then.

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Yeah I did not know this either.

Hi everyone,

just to clarify the win conditions for an individual match:

  • player that crossed finish line wins
  • if both players crossed finish line then player with highest speed wins
  • if both players had same speed then player with the highest score wins

Then if neither player crossed the finish line (i.e. max round limit reached):

  • player that traveled the furthest wins
  • if both players traveled same distance then player with highest speed wins
  • if both players had same speed then player with the highest score wins

I dont think anyone knew that bots stop dead on the finish line,

This would have been an interesting to account for.
In all my tests I always assumed that bots drive β€œpast” the finish line.

Would be interesting if anyone picked this up

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