What happens to your trail after pruning

(I know i could test this but figured it was worth clarifying on the forum for people to see too.)

If you are killed or kill yourself, I know what happens to your territory, but what happens to your trail?
Does it revert to whoever owned it prior to your running over it? Or does it too become the propery of the bot that pruned you?

@Gilad as far as I can tell your trail exists separately and is overlayed onto the map, so when you get pruned your trail disappears (new bot doesn’t take ownership of it) and the map reverts back to its previous state before your trail was there.

I don’t think that is the case.
The heroWindow cells record the following (using the names i’ve given them)

So a cells ownership is overwrittern by the trail.
Trails don’t exist on a separate layer like weeds or the bot_positions, or powerup locations.

Or do you mean internally in the game state it is separate and the heroWindow returned has already had the trails overlaid?

Yeah internally the game tracks your trail as a separate variable, for example, here’s the code for how the trail is updated:

When generating the hero window, the trail is overlayed here:

Ah okay, that makes sense.

So ownership of the cells remains untouched until a trail actually completes, despite how it may appear on the hero Window.