What is the correct Protocol for Suspitious Matches

Hey guys, Thank you for an amazing challenge again.

I will be honest, When it started I though, Nah, you went all easy on me.

Then came the round 2 rule set. And then Round 3…
Broke my brain probably because of the RNG we had this year.
Last year I saw everything, 50 rounds into a match I knew whether I would win or not. I just knew.
Had one guy, Chris Canning, Every single year his bot messes me up.

Its like he is my Anti. Like, If I want to better my best, I need to beat Chris.
And year after year he just messes me up. Last year he pinned all my worms in opposite corners of the map and we both just did nothing till he beat me on score.

Anyways, Im digressing.

What is the best way to approach suspicious Matches.
Should we contact in DM? I have one match where my Bot just freaked out on round 4.

Should we wait for the competition is over and post a list of any strange matches we encounter?
Say, Match XXX VS Opponent: Reason: Had a timeout on round xxx which caused issues.

I sometimes get on edge around this time, Because from my side it sometimes feels and looks like this competition puts a lot of pressure on Entelect Employees.

And I love this,
And because I love this I also don’t want to overstep and be as the new kids say: “Extra”
To me this Challenge is a privilege. Pity there’s no Comic Con this year (Not that I can say for sure I will go though…) But I feel better about my odds now.

Just wondering, If we do see some weird stuff (Think out of all my matches there’s just 1)
Who should we contact?
When should we contact
Whatt do you need?

Maybe make an announcement.

I just wanted to echo your sentiments about this contest being a privilege. I’m obviously quite embarrassed and puzzled by my bot behaving so weirdly on the virtual machines but I’m also very aware of the fact that the entelect employees are doing this in their free time… So no entitlement here lol. It would be super nice If they can investigate and sort out these gremlins, but whatever they decide, it’s cool it was fun taking part in it all.

For sure, Both “Fairness” and “Patience”

Also, My post was not at all aimed at you, I just know we are all a bunch of hyper competitive players and every point counts.

And we all spent time on this. And in this year that 1 match point can be the difference between 8th and 9th.
I mean last year it was a few points that kept number 9 out of the competition and that could very well happen.

Just want to know what Entelect Prefers.

Cause every year I have the same fear. That its the last.

Know I will probably not pull off a competition like this… At all.

But yeah, Completely on your side @LouisLotter, This is very fun. But its a competition, and people can get fired up really fast.

@WillieTheron I think there is a lot of luck involved. My bot hasn’t performed as well as I’d hoped for but our race looked like an exciting one - I’m glad it didn’t run out of gas this time. Next year I’ll spend more time on the competition.

But all in all this competition has been a good one and already looking forward to the next one. Interested to see who goes through this year.

Hi All

If the matches have a significant amount of timeouts, chances are they are already flagged for review and we will look into them.

When we review matches we look at a few things:

  • If it looks like something went wrong on our side, matches are rerun
  • If specific bots consistently time out we might rerun some of their matches just to eliminate environmental issues
  • If those bots still time out, we will pay special attention to suspicious wins / losses

If you have suspicious matches that are not flagged for review or you are suspicious due to rules / tie breakers, you can report them on the forum - this thread is fine for it, just ‘@’ me. If you do report a match, we will need to know who you played against and who was player A and B then we can add it to our spreadsheet.

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@Renette Sure thing,

Curious, How do we know if a match is flagged for Review? Or is there no way to know for sure.
I will wait for the tournament to get closer to completion, Post matches that I feel important.

I have 2 matches that did some weird things at the start, but one could have been colision, but I really only assessed 3 matches. So not really looking too deep into it, And in many of these matches even if there was a bug / timeout I might still lose the point.

Will wait for the end, then post once for anny issues I experienced.

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We have an internal system that flags matches for review. If a match has seen some timeouts the match is usually flagged for review.

Hi Willie

Just to add a little bit more detail: In the match.log file, near the end, there is a line “Checking if match is valid”. If there are additional warning logs after that line, it means the match is definitely flagged for review. There might be a few cases where the match is flagged on our side but it is not in the logs - but checking the logs should cover most of it.

Since all matches has run, I will assess.

At this point It does not look like the top 8 will change,

But I will send in any questionmarks I do have.
Dont think theres much from my side.

Think this year will be some interesting playoffs.
Hoping nothing major happens to the scoreboard.


Checked my matches,
My one match against Malman

**Where I am player 1
My bot seems to have a timeout and the immediate turn after dives into a wall, Same seed on my side does not do this. Even if I downloaded my Tournament entry bot my bot does not do this. Does not seem to be player influenced either.

Assessing my matches I do see my bot really has a high number of issues, Probably not tested nearly enough.

Other than that, I cant really blame the weird choices I have seen my bot make on the system.
But, If I get the right seed, Im unbeatable :sweat_smile: