When are the tournaments?

When are this year’s tournaments?

And is the challenge following the same format of previous years (three tournaments before finals, golden tickets for the winners of the first two and top six of the last, etc)?

Whenever I click on a link on the site for Tournaments I am given a page that doesn’t have any of this information on it - am I just looking in the wrong place or have they not been released yet?

@Malman, The first competition is planned for 7 May - Snowdrift: Frontier. So I suggest you start coding your bot on the evening of 6 May in order to give other players a fighting chance! :slight_smile:

My understanding is 3 events and then the final at Comic Con.
Happy Coding.


Ah thanks @kuifie - I still can’t see that anywhere. Seems like the first tournament came up very fast this year, but maybe I have just been busy. Will try and get something in but can’t promise it’ll be as impressive as this message makes it sound :slight_smile: Happy coding!

Hi, the closest i can see to the tournament structure is here

Quote from site

Entelect Challenge 2022 Logo
Game Rules

Every year, the Entelect Challenge theme is based around a popular game. This year, we created something a little less adrenaline-fueled, yet more calculated. The game for the Entelect Challenge 2022, is Arctica!

In this RTS-style game, you must manage your town’s resources to make sure your population continues to grow in the harsh, unforgiving Arctic tundra. With 4 players on a map, who can dominate the map and expand their territory?

You will code an artificial intelligence (AI) player or bot to challenge other AI players. As in typical RTS games, you have access to the world map and your team’s resources. Your bot will use this information to make strategic decisions to achieve the goal of being the town with the largest score at the end of the match. A player’s score is calculated based on various criteria, such as population count and resources gathered.

As with every year, a starter pack will be available to all players and includes:
Game rules
A readme file on how to interact with the game engine
Sample bots to use as reference in different programming languages
Access to an active forum for guidance

The Entelect Challenge consists of three phases. After each phase, except for the third tournament, new game dynamics will be introduced, which will open new possible strategies that contestants can use to outsmart and outplay their opponents. The winners of the first two phases and the top six of the third phase each get a golden ticket to the grand finals. The eight Golden Ticket holders are our finalists and will compete at Comic Con Africa

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