Why the small maps?

Interesting game indeed… far from trivial.

I was wondering though, given the few ship and the small maps (even 14x14 is actually pretty small), my random bot is still managing a small percentage of wins over my slightly more intelligent bot, which still need quite a bit of work though.

I tried a large map (48x48) with double the number of ships and the random bot’s percentage dropped significantly. Just a suggestion, but wouldn’t a “huge” map for the finals dilute the element of chance even further? The higher-rank bots will be pretty close to one another I think and this will be an advantage to the better bot.

We are dealing with computers after all…

Hi sparky,

The main reason for the smallish sized maps, are too keep it as close to the original as possible, we also have to run all the matches in certain time frame, plus there are future changes coming which will also affect your bot. But thanks for the insight we will have a look at sizing up the map if need be. More will be announced on the forums and portal as time goes by.

Fair enough. Agreed. Looking forward.