Will we not be able to follow the tournament live tonight?

Hey guys,

Very cool that the final top 6 tickets will be decided by round robin. That way the contestants who make it into the finals will be those who deserve it.

Your email states:

“The results for this tournament will only be made public after the finals have been completed.”

I take it we will not be able to follow the final tournament and believe it would be because the person who comes first in the Round Robin might not necessarily win and this is to eliminate those issues.

I am hoping that luck is on my side this weekend, But may the best contestants go on to the finals.

This is how I understand it.

I dont think YOU need luck. You did well last year, and so far in this tournament as well. The rest of us need luck.

Final bot submitted. Doing some last moment checks, but I am satisfied.

As a side note, I hope that everyone that submitted a bot for the second round at least updated their bot for the third round where the spelling of “Missle” was corrected to “Missile” in the state file. I guess we will see if there are a lot of bots without a score of 0.

I did update my bot but really had no issues for the spelling off missile, Perhaps because I worked by numbers and not text.

I do however feel that no user should be penalized for a typo. I ran my bot in the newest harness and seeker missile worked perfectly fine. So I hope theres no bugs left in there…

What I would like to know is if we are unable to follow the battle. How will the 6 new ticket winners know that they won?

Will only they be emailed or will we all at least get notified of the winners?

Any possibility we can get a ‘percentage complete’ update at least once per day?


We will announce the winners once the round robin tournament is completed and the results have been verified. I will talk to the rest of the team, but I don’t see an issue with posting a progress update on the tournament as it progresses every now and then.

Hi Wackymax,

How’s the tournament progressing? Also, will we get the full results of the round robin, or only the top 6?

I assume the top 6 players will be given alphabetically and not in the position ranked. otherwise it would be easier to know who might win the tournament.

Not necessarily… You see, The player who is 8th might have a strategy that beats the Number 1 bot 90% of the time.

Lets say Number 1 places their ships in the corners (Least heat) and player 8 checks the corner first.

So I highly doubt that the player who was first in the round robin will win, He just has the highest chance of winning.

I feel amont the top 8 there can be a lot of Player A beats Player B, Player B beats player C and Player C beats Player A scenario’s.

Given you did use the word ‘Might’. But I do agree that the top 6 should be given alphabetically. If given out.

The competition among the top bots are very close… Through the whole competition.

I hope that player 8 doesnt check the corners first, otherwise I am toast…

Im sure there will be some surprizes at the playoffs among the top 8 players. Fingers crossed that I am one of them. But if it doesnt happen, Then its reason to better myself.

Hi All,

Due to some issues we had this weekend we only started the matches today. But so far all is going well. We will post the top 6 (probably alphabetic) that won the round robin. Only after the winners have been announced for the entire challenge will the rest of the leader board be made public.

Progress so far:
261 of 4465 matches have been played. Keep in mind that these might include some invalid players such as Entelect employees that will only be excluded from the results at the end.

We will keep you all posted on the progress.

Thanks Wackymax. How are the matches coming along?

Hi rfnel,

Sorry, things got a bit crazy yesterday and I forgot to check up on the matches.

We have 2900 matches remaining.

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Hey Wackymax, thanks for the update.

Could we get an update of how the matches are progressing?

Hi AJ,

All of the round robin matches have finished playing. We will now be verifying the matches to make sure nothing went wrong, which may take a few days. We should be ready to announce the Top 8 by Tuesday.

Has anyone heard anything yet?