World map nodes vs Bot map

Hi all,
Just a quick clarification required.
As a bot opens up the scout towers, more of the map will open up and different nodes exposed. On the world map all the nodes are visible (even other players).
Are we allowed processing/ planning with the world map nodes or should we stick to the nodes that is visible to us?

Hi @Sean at the start of the game what will only be visible to your bot will be the scout towers (no resource nodes will be visible). Then when you scout, the resource node ids will be added to the list of nodes that your bot knows of as show in the payload below: :arrow_down:

"bots": [     // player state
            "id": "dfdcda53-d615-432c-b3f7-12ea74a1a72c",
            "currentTierLevel": 0,
            "tick": 2442,
            "map": {
                "scoutTowers": [ // tower scouted by bot
                "nodes": [ // nodes visible to the bot
            "population": 2,

As well the world payload will not give you information on the whole world, it will only give you information on scout towers, it is only after you have scouted the list of nodes that your bot knows of will increase. As show in the payload below: :arrow_down:

"world": {                            // world state
        "map": {
            "scoutTowers": [ // tower that you have scouted
                    "id": "1e253509-e3a7-4550-850e-dcfaebea96eb",
                    "gameObjectType": 2,  // Game object type: scout tower
                    "position": {
                        "x": 22,
                        "y": 21
                    "nodes": [] 
            "nodes": [ // details on the scouted node
                    "id": "d04dbdfd-09c6-4f36-83ac-9a6f56ece5a4",
                    "gameObjectType": 3,  // resources node
                    "position": {
                        "x": 26,
                        "y": 39
                    "type": 2,            // resource type: food 
                    "amount": 5000,
                    "maxUnits": 1000,
                    "currentUnits": 0,
                    "reward": 6,
                    "workTime": 1,
                    "regenerationRate": {
                        "ticks": 3,
                        "amount": 6

Use the node list in your bot payload to find the id of the node in the world payload, the node list in the world payload is where you will get specific details on the nodes that your bot knows of.
Hope that clarifies things for you, please do no hesitate to ask more questions if it still isn’t clear