World tile types not listed in

As title states, I think it might be helpful to list the values for every world map tile in the file. (e.g. 0 = Unclaimed territory etc) . I haven’t had a chance to look at the engine’s code yet but I’m sure they are in there.
If its listed in some other .md file that I missed, let a brother know.

I got this from the visualiser code:

*  Bot0Territory = 0,
*  Bot1Territory = 1,
*  Bot2Territory = 2,
*  Bot3Territory = 3,
*  Bot0Trail     = 4,
*  Bot1Trail     = 5,
*  Bot2Trail     = 6,
*  Bot3Trail     = 7,
*  OutOfBounds   = 254,
*  Unclaimed     = 255,

Hi . Im sorry im a bit confused. So what would the black tiles be in the visualiser ?

I think black being 8 is weed

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Yes, the black tiles are weeds. But it is important to note that weeds, powerups and the actual bots themselves should be thought of as different layers on top of the game world layer which contains details about the ownership of tiles (the enum posted by @KodinGuy above).

If a weed occupies a tile, the tiles underlying ownership (territory, trail or unclaimed) doesn’t change. Same with a powerup. That is why this enum does not have values for weeds, powerups and bots.

But thanks, we’ll look at including some information around this in the README file. That’s a good shout.