Worm-ageddon - New Format


Firstly, it’s a nice new format displaying Potential Golden ticket holders. Secondly, please include the Potential Golden ticket holders in the results so we see their stats.

This was intended, So that nobody knows ahead of time what their potential stats and probabilities are, it leaves some mistery. Its really needed. All stats will reveal on the 22nd so everyone can check their matches and go on from there.


I loved the new format. I hated the new format.
The mistery is there… but so is the suspense when you are blind.
Cant wait for the final results…

Anyone know if the matches are still running? It doesn’t look like anything is happening on the leaderboard.


I’m trying to figure the same thing, I see I have 43 matches but there’s 46 submissions, wonder if I’m missing some matches.

@Renette we noticed there are outstanding matches, is the tournament paused for some reason?

Hi @marvijo

The tournament is not paused. The ‘missing’ matches could be caused due to ties or match failures. In either case we will investigate during the match verification and rerun any matches if needed.

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Does that mean it’s done? My nerves take a hit whenever I refresh the leaderboard. :joy: